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PSP ROMs / ISOs will start to appear only after the PS Portable comes out in late 2004

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Want to play GBA games on PSP Waiting for the GBA2PSP emulator to come out? Why don't you download new Gameboy Advance GBA roms emulator for Win and MacOS to entertain you waile you are waiting!

Zelda Emulator for Windows & Mac and Zelda Roms - Games.

GameBoy Advance Pokemon emulator games now compatible with iOS = iPhone and Android devices like tablets, phones and Smart TVs.

Memory Stick for GBA?

Well not exactly - but Yes gba has Re-writable backup Flash Cartridges that can be used to hold backup gba roms. Download the game from the net for free - write it to this flash cards and you don't need to buy the original cartridges any more.

GBA Flash Cards here »

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GBA ROMS & Gameboy Advance Emulator

Sony PSP will have enough processing power to mulate GAME BOY, GBC and even GBA roms but if you dont want to wait for the realease of GBA emulator for PSP I suggest you downlod a PC GBA emulator so that you can play the games on your Computer. (Emu for Widows, Mac, Linux and BeOS available)

Download from :

GBA Link Cable Emulator VBALinkWith gba emulator you can play Gameboy, Gameboy Color and new Gameboy Advance (GBA SP) free game roms on a PC or Mac. Download GBA emulator and emulator rom files that contain the free gamez. Install the emu on pc and from within the gba emulator window open the roms.

Gameboy Advance Emulator for PSP Gameboy Advance Emulator

About GBA ROMS for Emulator

Gameboy Advace Roms (a.k.a. GBA ROMS) are the files with the games. They are made using Gameboy Flash Linkers like Flash Advance, Flash2Advance, FA Xtreme USB, XG-Flash, XG2, EZ-Flash, EZF Advance, EZ-Flash II PowerStar, WiseBox and others. What flash linkers / writer do is they work as adapters so you can connect the Nintendo cartridge to the PC USB or Printer port and backup the game to the computer. On the compter the game is stored as a *.gba file. Now these files can be used in the emulator or you can take the same linker, put a flash card in it and write the rom to this gba flash card. Multiple games can be stored one one cuch cartridge!

Where to get gba roms?
Download gba roms from - They have a collection of over 1500 free gba roms and links to websites with backup commercial game downloads.

List of GBA ROMS you can download:

7385 Fire Emblem gba rom
3270 YuGiOh & Yu Gi Oh gba roms
2962 new de gba rom
2364 Free Pokemon gba rom
2078 DBZ gba rom
1620 Harvest Moon English
1493 yu gi oh sacred card gba rom
1452 Bayblade gba rom
1341 Mario & Luigi  Superstar Saga
1309 Pokemon Ruby rom gba
1253 Sword of Mana
1244 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
1220 gba rom yugioh sacred card
1177 Lluigi Mario superstar saga rom
1164 download fire emblem gba rom
1027 advance boy game gba rom
1001 download gba pokemon rom ruby


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