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Are you continually longing for the excitement and thrill that Final Fantasy series have been offering its avid players?  Well, Dissidia: Final Fantasy can offer it to you whenever and wherever you go. Your all-time favorite characters—heroes and villains—have gathered together in this series to give you more of Final Fantasy like you will never experience it again.

Are you always on the look out for new and exciting video games? There are always new releases for PSP games from different software companies. This is also the reason why looking for exciting and fun video games can be difficult to do. With this, you should always be on the look out for reviews that can give you ideas about the freshest and newest games. Just like this one! »

The following titles are exciting and fun new video game releases that you should grab. Only those that are cool and entertaining are the ones that you can find here:

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy PSP Rom

Dissidia: Final Fantasy psp isoThe battle between discord and harmony is now coming to an end. The goddess of harmony, Cosmos, and the god of discord, Chaos, has lead different warriors from land all over to lead a war that would determine the real power of the reigning god. Different fighters have answered their pleas. Several eons have passed, the battle continued and determining the real powerful god seems to become an eternal quest. They say that both gods have equal power yet, as time went by, things seem to favor Chaos during this final battle. The warriors that favor the god of discord created an unbeatable force and the warriors and fighters that answered to Cosmos’ call seem to fall one by one. As for the remaining warriors of Cosmos, their destiny is yet to be unraveled.

There are many new features that you will surely enjoy from Dissidia: Final Fantasy. As for its battle system, you can enjoy a different and unique brawling and combating system through this version while enjoying the characters that you once loved. When it comes to the characters, you will find this one exciting because all your favorite Final Fantasy characters have joined forces in this version. Even more, you can select among these characters (whether they support Cosmos or Chaos) to setup a fantasy match.  Even the Aeons can now be summoned through this game and you can even have the option to command battle here. You can even exchange cards and items with other players you know through the ad hoc mode of PSP.

This is a truly enjoyable and fun Final Fantasy version. So if you cannot get enough of Final Fantasy, Dissidia: Final Fantasy is the one that will surely entice you to bring your PSP wherever you go.

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